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Created: 22 November 2013
Last Updated: Friday, 19 December 2014 18:32

12/19/14 - B.O.L.A. ALERT ! Be on the lookout for these two Hagerstown Rotarians, Frank Erck and Lou Scally. They will be RINGING the BELL for the Salvation Army TONIGHT at 8 PM in front of SEARS at Valley Mall (inside entrance from mall). Today and Tomorrow Hagerstown Rotarians will be helping The Salvation Army. Cash,checks,oil leases,stocks and bonds and deeds to property will be accepted. Coins are Ok but they hurt my ears ! lol Merry Christmas !


12/15/14 - Today is "The Day The Music Died" for The Greatest Generation. Glen Miller died in a plane crash on his way to Paris December 15th 1944. Spirits were running high as victory in Europe was in grasp. Glen was in Paris to make ready a special Christmas Day Broadcast. Glen Miller was at the top of his popularity when he disapeared on this day 70 years ago. Join me this morning on WJEJ AM1240 and wjejradio.com as we remember the music of Glen Miller. Pieter Bickford joins me with the latest NEWS, SPORTS and WEATHER. See you on the RADIO !


11/14/14/ - Lou Scally - It's a CHILLY morning ! Windchill at 6:30 AM was 25 degrees. Dress WARMLY . The latest NEWS,WEATHER and SPORTS on AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Tom Riford joins me this morning on Hagerstown's ORIGINAL Radio Station.


11/13/14 - Lou Scally - WJEJ is Hagerstown's Heritage RADIO STATION. In the early days we had several LIVE LOCAL entertainers. This is Little Miss Manbeck. She sang and sold lots of Manbeck Bread.Join me for The Morning Show on Hagerstown's FIRST RADIO STATION, AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Will Kauffman joins me with NEWS,WEATHER and SPORTS. After 82 years of service we are still LIVE and LOCAL ! 


11/8/14 - Lou Scally - This is Earl Mentzer "Earl the Earlybird". Earl had my job on WJEJ in the 1930's. Back then it was all live including the music ! I know Earl is looking over my shoulder every morning. Join me and Will Kauffman on Hagerstown's Heritage RADIO STATION AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com P.S. my tux is at the cleaners.


10/31/14 - Lou Scally - One of the "LIVE" performers on WJEJ in the 1930's.From the WJEJ archive (photoshopped by Colleen Moore Garringer) circa 1939


10/27/14 - Lou Scally - Aw Shucks ! Lou's EXCELLENT WEEKEND ADVENTURE is over again. Time to get down to the business at hand. Join me and Will Kauffman this Monday morning on Hagerstown's Original RADIO STATION AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Live and LOCAL since 1932.


10/10/14 - Lou Scally - I told Blondie it was Friday and she could hardly contain herself ! Have a great weekend and spend some time with the important people in you life.  blondie in grass


9/22/14 - Lou Scally - Farewell to Summer 2014 ! Autumn begins tonight at 10:29 PM E.D.T. Join Will Kauffman and me on the RADIO this Monday morning. The spot on your dial that never rubs off AM1240 WJEJ and online at wjejradio.com Please join us !


9/19/14 - Tom Riford -  


Hagerstown MD -- The New Horizons Band of Hagerstown Maryland celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner with a concert on Sunday September 21st at 1:00 PM. The concert will be performed at the Hagerstown Airport as part of the Wings and Wheels Expo held annually by the Hagerstown Aviation Museum and is open to the public.

The New Horizons Band Concert -- A Star Spangled Celebration -- will include American and Patriotic music along with a rare performance of The Pegasus March, written by Dr. Peter Buys in 1952. The Pegasus March was commissioned by Fairchild Aircraft and airport dignitaries will be on hand to hear the first performance in more than sixty years.

The concert will also feature traditional band music from the 1800's including an 1812 Fife & Drum version of Yankee Doodle, military marches, Broadway show tunes and movie music. The New Horizons Band of Hagerstown Maryland is now in it's seventeenth year of performances. This unique musical organization is composed of retired adults and senior citizens who enjoy playing music together and performing for the public.


9/19/14 - Tom Riford - Tomorrow is the big day for the "Dining for Doey's House" Spaghetti Dinner and Auction that Donna Allen and her crew are putting together. Doors open at 3:30, Dinner Buffett begins at 4:00. Neal Glessner talks about Doey's House at 5:00, silent auction closes at 5:45 and the live auction will begin at 5:45 with auctioneer Tom Riford! Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Williamsport. No ticket needed - donations appreciated at the door.


9/19/14 - Lou Scally - Last weekend of SUMMER 2014 ! Yes I'm wearing that blue Hawaiian shirt one more time.Tom Riford joins me this morning on Hagerstown's Original RADIO Station, AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Live and Local for 82+ years !


8/20/14 - Lou Scally - This week on The Doctor's IN radio program on WJEJ, Thursday at 9:06 am Dr Salvagno interviews Jolee Warrenfeltz Ashley DPT (SHS Class of '01) ~ sports injuries and PT for your pets What an great combination.


8/14/14 - Lou Scally - A beautiful day today. Get out and enjoy this BONUS weather for the next few days.Sunshine,low humidity and below normal temperatures. Great for golf,gardening or motor boating !


8/11/14 - Lou Scally - Is it just me or does the time between the end of the work week on Friday and the time the Monday alarm signals the start of another week seem shorter ? Will Kauffman and I will probe this and other problems facing mankind on The Morning Show on AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Join us ! Things can only get better and oh yes, HAPPY MONDAY !


8/7/14 - Lou Scally - Thursday morning on THE RADIO with Will Kauffman. Join us as we demonstrate the miracle of "MODERN RADIO BROADCASTING". RADIO was the original electronic "Social Media" and WJEJ AM1240 was the areas original RADIO STATION. Join us this morning as we keep you up to date on the information you need and maybe we will make you "lol" or "lmao". AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com


8/4/14 - Lou Scally - Good morning ! My body is back to work this morning, but my mind and soul are still at the beach. After our Paris trip, Vennie and I decided we needed a little summer beach time. I have visited Ocean City, Maryland many times since 1962, but this had to the best weather ever. Join me and Will Kauffman this morning on WJEJ AM1240 and wjejradio.com Thanks to Phil Miller and Norm Henry for T.C.B. last week.


8/2/14 - Phil Miller - Rocking (swinging easy with some umph)


7/25/14 - Phil Miller - Having a grand time at the Ag Expo & Fair


4/29/14 - Lou Scally - TAKE YOUR UMBRELLAS TODAY ! Heavy rain over the next two days could cause some flooding problems. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding,stay alert to possible rising water. Join me and Will Kauffman on AM1240 WJEJ for the latest on the NEWS,WEATHER and SPORTS. We can also be found worldwide at wjejradio.com "Live and Local" is nothing new,we have been doing it since 1932 on Hagerstown's Heritage Radio Station AM1240 WJEJ !


4/24/14 - Lou Scally - Hi Ho fun seekers ! Another beautiful Spring Day on the way and I'll have your weekend weather forecast and lots more on AM 1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Will Kauffman joins me with the latest local NEWS and SPORTS. Hagerstown's Heritage Radio Station WJEJ (LIVE and LOCAL


4/21/14 - Lou Scally - Monday morning, it's back to work and school for most folks. Join me on the RADIO, AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Tom Riford is in on NEWS,WEATHER and SPORTS and I'll try to keep you entertained and informed about several events this week like Taste of the Arts for the Washington County Arts Council, Inc. Since 1932 it's WJEJ !


4/15/14 - Lou Scally - April Showers today ! Temperatures will start in the mid 60's this morning and drop to the 40's this afternoon. Tonight it will be COLD ! low 25-30 (cover your "tender vegetation" and don't be alarmed if you see a few snow flakes as the precipitation comes to an end. More details on the WEATHER and the latest NEWS and SPORTS on AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Tom Riford joins me this morning on the RADIO.


4/1/14 - Lou Scally - Happy April Fools' Day ! Join Tom Riford and me on THE RADIO this morning. Lots of information and all your favorite APRIL SONGS. It's AM1240 WJEJ and online at wjejradio.com


3/31/14 - Lou Scally - Good LAST MONDAY and LAST DAY in March 2014 ! Better weather this week with no mention of sleet or snow. Will Kauffman and I will have details ON THE RADIO this morning. Where can you find this and MORE ? AM1240 WJEJ "The spot on your dial that won't rub off" ! Find us on line breaking down international boundaries at wjejradio.com Join us


3/26/14 - Lou Scally - COLD and BLUSTERY today ! Dress warmly as winds will GUST upwards to 40 Mph and temps in the upper 30's. WARMER temperatures on the way and more "SPRINGLIKE" weather in our forecast. Join Will Kauffman and me this morning on AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com for the latest NEWS-WEATHER and SPORTS. We have plenty of music and the usual FOLDEROL. We are known worldwide for our production of FOLDEROL !


3/25/14 - Lou Scally - Happy Maryland Day ! It was on this date 1634 that settlers came ashore in St. Mary's County. Today and every day I'm proud to have been born, live and probably died in this wonderful State. I could be just as proud with lower taxes and fees on everything including flushing the toilet. Here endeth the mini RANT !


3/17/14 - Lou Scally - Happy St. Patrick's Day ! Join me on this snowy morning from 5 AM till NOON for the latest information on school delays and all the NEWS-WEATHER and SPORTS on AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com I'll also be featuring lots of IRISH music to set the mood. Join us for the celebration ! Will O'Kauffman joins me and my cousin from Galway, Patty O'furniture will be checking in. That's Hagerstown's original RADIO STATION AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com


3/15/14 - Lou Scally - Did somebody say ROAD TRIP ? Just like Willie Nelson, I'm on the road this morning. First stop Hagerstown City Farmers Market,then on to HCC Alumni's Flower and Garden Show. Hope to see you out and about today as I broadcast live from both venues on AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com


3/13/14 - Lou Scally - WELL BLOW ME DOWN ! (I always wanted to say that) Good morning all. Wind Advisory continues until 11 AM and the temperatures will barely make to 30 today. Will Kauffman will have the latest NEWS,WEATHER and SPORTS this morning on AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Join us for the MORNING SHOW on Hagerstown's original RADIO STATION, WJEJ AM1240


3/12/14 - Lou Scally - The WEATHER will provide us with quite a bit to talk about today. Rain,wind and bitterly cold temperatures just to name a few highlights. Will Kauffman joins me this morning on WJEJ AM1240 and wjejradio.com Please join us on the RADIO !


3/11/14 - Lou Scally - The snow has just about all melted at "Chez Scally" and the Daffodils are pushing skyward. Spring is just about here and yesterday Blondie and I enjoyed the afternoon sun on the patio. We have another warm day on the way today. The latest NEWS-WEATHER and SPORTS on AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Tom Riford joins me this morning on The Morning Show on WJEJ.


3/7/14 - Lou Scally - T.G.I.F. ! Y'all ready for some warmer weather ? Looks like a GOOD weekend forecast. Tom Riford joins me this morning on the RADIO with all the details. Later this morning at 9:06, Jessica Green from The Maryland Theatre joins me to talk about the renovation project at the Maryland Theatre and the upcoming shows including Bill Cosby in June. The Phone Party at 11:06 and The WJEJ Yard Sale at 11:35. It's all on Hagerstown's ORIGINAL RADIO STATION AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com


3/6/14 - Lou Scally - Warmer weather on the way for the WEEKEND ! I'll have details along with Will Kauffman on NEWS this morning. You'll find it all at AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Join us !


3/5/14 - Lou Scally - GOOD MORNING WORLD ! Today's FORECAST calls for SUNSHINE and Temperatures above FREEZING, and if that's not enough we have a warming trend for the next seven days. Tom Riford joins me this morning just back from a visit to the great state of HAWAII. The latest NEWS,WEATHER and SPORTS on AM1240 WJEJ and on line everywhere at wjejradio.com Please join us !


3/4/14 - Cold as a Witches ELBOW on a long flight this morning. Will Kauffman and Lou Scally on WJEJ AM1240 and wjejradio.com . The latest NEWS WEATHER and SPORTS and lots of Jibber Jabber. You just can't find GOOD Jibber Jabber anymore ! Live and local RADIO.


2/28/14 - Last day of FEBRUARY ! March means Daylight Savings Time returns, daffodils start to pop out of the good earth and maybe it will warm up. February don't let the door hit you on the way out !


2/26/14 - Lou Scally - Good morning and welcome to Wednesday ! Schools are on time and as of 6 AM and we haven't seen anything that looks like SNOW (morning win!) The world is still turning so I came to work and Will Kauffman is here with the MORNING NEWS. All this and more on The Morning Show on The BIG 1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com


2/25/14 - Lou Scally - Coming down the homestretch for February. It's Tuesday morning and your LIVE and LOCAL Radio Station WJEJ AM1240 is ready to get your day started. Will Kauffman joins me this morning with NEWS WEATHER and SPORTS on Hagerstown's original RADIO STATION AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com


2/24/14 - Lou Scally - After a BUSY weekend it's back to work on this LAST Monday in February ! Tom Riford joins me this morning on WJEJ AM1240 and wjejradio.com There is some SNOW in our Tuesday-Wednesday forecast and we will have details and the latest NEWS and SPORTS.


2/22/14 - Lou Scally - GOOD Saturday Morning ! Join me at Hagerstown City Farmers Market this morning from 8:30 till 10:00 AM. I'll be on THE RADIO on AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com Free parking, a HOT breakfast and friendly smiles from the market merchants.


2/21/14 - Lou Scally - GOOD MORNING ! A busy Friday at WJEJ AM1240 and wjejradio.com This morning Civil War Artist Mort Kunstler drops by after 8:30 AM and will be telling us about his exhibition at Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. Carl Disque joins us at 9:30 on Friday Potpourri . Carl will tell us about the upcoming Cabin Feaver Blues Bash and The Western Maryland Blues Festival. The Phone Party starts at 11:06 and The WJEJ Radio YARD SALE begins at 11:35 AM If that's not enough we have Will Kauffman in on NEWS WEATHER and SPORTS. Hagerstown's Heritage Radio Station WJEJ !


2/18 - Lou Scally - Having trouble getting the word out about your business ? Give us a call at WJEJ 301-739-2323. We get results for our clients


2/17/14 - Ruth Anne Callaham - This week on The Doctor's In radio program Dr. Ralph Salvagno interviews Chief Ulrich about the Smithsburg Emergency Medical Services . Tune into WJEJ 1240 radio & wjejradio.com Monday at 6:10pm and then again on Thursday at 9:06 am
A short clip of the program is at the link  http://youtu.be/gYTwZIyCpwU


2/15/14 - Today Radio-thon was a smashing success. Thank you WJEJ and Lou Scally! Because of the generosity of so many, we raised over $27,000 for Doey's House. I am so touched by everyone's support. Thank you all! Doey would be so pleased. ~ Neal Glessner

This guy is AWESOME! Thank you Lou Scally for hosting the Have a Heart for Doey's House Radio-thon today! ~ Cheryl Brown

Doeys House Radiothon


2/14/14 - Lou Scally

Happy Valentines Day !
The Beatles - All You Need Is Love-HQ
Uploaded by TheBeatlesVEVOHQ
The Beatles - All You Need Is Love Lyrics Love, Love, Love. Love, Love, Love. Love, Love, Love. There's nothing you can do that can't be done. Nothing you can sing that can't be sung. Nothing you can say but you can learn how to..


2/14/14 - The City of Hagerstown - Municipal - City staff is working around the clock with additional manpower to clear streets, sidewalks and parking lots across the city. The two parking decks downtown are open for FREE parking through Tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m. We hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day plans and the MSO concert this weekend!


2/13/14 - WJEJ's own snow angel. Thank you Tom Riford for your assistance. — with Lou Scally at WJEJ-AM (Hagerstown)

Tom Riford Snow Angel


2/5/14 - Phil Miller - Be careful out there.

WJEJ Frozen sign 2014


2/5/14 -  Lou Scally - Live from Lou's kitchen table, it's WEDNESDAY morning ! City of Hagerstown trucks doing a GREAT JOB for near impossible conditions. May St.Christopher be with you in your travels today. Next report from the WJEJ studios (if I make it). Sit this one out if you have that option !


2/4/14 - Lou Scally - Watch for the "ICY PATCHES" this morning ! Yesterday's slush is ICE this morning. A Winter Storm Warning will go into effect tonight from 7 PM till 1PM on Wednesday. Snow,Sleet and Freezing Rain could make Wednesday morning very dangerous ! Tune in AM1240 WJEJ and wjejradio.com for the latest information. Will Kauffman joins me this morning ON THE RADIO.


2/3/14 - Tom Riford - Lots of snow falling in Hagerstown!

 snowfall at wjej 2 3 14


1/30-2/2 -



1/28/14 - Tom Riford - Good Morning!  It's a cold day here in Hagerstown!

Tom  Lou Jan 2014


1/22/14- Phil Miller - It's a beautiful day...2 degrees above zero!!!

Phil in trapper hat


1/22/14 - Phil Miller - WJEJ is LIVE radio...with real turntables...playing your favorites

WJEJ Turntables


1/21/14 - Lou Scally - Get ready for some "shovable" snow tomorrow! Not only will we see a winter wonderland, but it'll be bitterly cold and blustery.


1/20/14 - Tune into WJEJ Friday 9:30am the 24th for another great It's In The Book ... this time talking about the Irish Brigade and the Civil War. Sponsored by the Washington County Free Library Ms. Patricia Ann Wishard and Ms. Kathleen OConnell will take on the almost Irish Art Callaham in a match of facts vs "good story"



1/19/14 - Lou Scally - Congratulations to The Rotary Club of Martinsburg for a very successful "Taste of the Panhandle" fundraiser. I was invited to be the guest auctioneer and enjoyed my visit. Over $38,000 was raised for Shenandoah Women's Center and CCAP/Loaves & Fishes. The event was a sellout and I look forward to going back next year.


1/14/15 - Lou Scally - The BEST short song I've ever heard ! Emit Rhodes is a very talented song composer and performer. This album came out over forty years ago. Emit played all the insruments on the album. Give it a listen.   Emitt Rhodes - Lullaby  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFC_MTnpkA0&feature=share  


1/9/14 - Phil Miller -  I cant wait, this is always a great time and the oysters are sooooo fresh and delicious!!!!!

Bull Roast  


1/9/14 - Lou Scally - Good morning all!  I'll have your WEATHER forecast and lots more. Join us ! Hear the latest WEATHER and ROAD Reports on AM1240 WJEJ and on line at wjejradio.com.  Brought to you by The Columbia Bank Hagerstown Trust Division    



12/25/13 - Phil Miller - Sailors Delight 

WJEJ Antenna at sunset

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